Turtleman in Martinsburg, WV 8-26-12?


I confirmed the license tag number on the truck and it is in fact the truck used on the show “Call of the Wildman.”  I watched the latest episode and the license tag on the truck was briefly shown and it was the same as I had written down.  The Turtleman was probably driving through the streets of Martinsburg.  Maybe he was hanging out with the gypsies.


If you are not familiar with the Turtleman, there is a show on Animal Planet called “Call Of the Wildman that showcases the Turtleman rescuing problem critters and relocating them to the wild.  The Turtelman, Ernie Brown Jr., lives in the backwoods of Kentucky near Lebanon (Marion county) and most of the episodes show him capturing critters in Kentucky. He doesn’t use tranquilizers of any kind and catches most of the animals by hand or a homemade trap.  He catches all kinds of critters from turtles to skunks, to snakes, to opossums, to raccoons and even a wild horse and wild boar.  The show is awesome and I recommend watching it.  It is really funny as Turtleman and Team Turtle are true crafty backwoods Kentuckians.

I was driving around the north side of Martinsburg, WV today (Sunday 8-26-12) and spotted a red Toyota Tacoma truck with “turtle man.” on the tailgate.  The license plate was Kentucky (Marion County) 827 HNW. My wife took a few pictures (see below).  Unfortunately, the truck was driving away and it was raining so it was tough to get a good picture.  We could not see who was driving the truck but it appeared to be 2 people.  We were not stalking but the truck was going the same way we were for a short while.

This is the type of truck (red Toyota Tacoma) driven by Turtleman on the Call of the Wildman show.  The Turtleman lives in Marion County Kentucky and the truck on the show has “turtle man.” on the tailgate.  I could not confirm the license plate via the internet (you have to pay for license plate searches).  I did find a Turtleman trivia page on Facebook where it appears they were asking what type of truck Turtleman drives on the show (for an autographed T-shirt) and several people gave the answer of a red Toyota Tacoma truck with Kentucky license plate 827 HNW.

We did not see Lolly dog, Neal, Squirrel, or Jake in the truck.

Based on this information, it is likely the Turtleman’s truck, and maybe the Turtleman himself, was cruising through Martinsburg, WV today.  The truck eventually turned down a neighborhood side street.  I can’t confirm 100% it was the Turtleman’s truck or the Turtleman driving it, but can there be two late 90s red Toyota Tacoma trucks with “turtle man.” on the tailgate licensed in Marion County Kentucky (where the Turtleman lives)?  It’s possible but not likely.  It is possible there is a Turtleman imposter out there with a replica of his truck, but why in Martinsburg with KY license plates?

It’s tough, but if you look real closely, you can make out “turtle man.” on the tailgate of the truck.



So the next time you watch “Call of the Wildman,” check out his truck and see if it matches this one.

My question is, why is the Turtleman in Martinsburg, WV?  Maybe there are some critters that need relocating?  A neighbor recently told me his dog was sprayed by a skunk.  Maybe the Turtleman was called here to to get rid of the pesky skunks in our neighborhood.  When I walk our dog Raven, we often see some wild critters.  We have seen a fox, deer, geese, rabbits, squirrels, opossums, and yesterday, we saw a beaver swimming in a small pond.  The beaver got out of the pond and waddled away and my dog (Black Lab) went nuts.  I thought she was going to break the leash or drag me along with her she was pulling so hard. Raven weighs about 90 lbs.

Maybe Turtleman is going to rid our local area of these critters.  If so, it would be some ” ye ye ye ye ye (his rebel yell) Live Action.”  This is the Turtleman with “Live Action” in Martinsburg, WV.  Come get you some.


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4 Responses to Turtleman in Martinsburg, WV 8-26-12?

  1. Linda says:

    We love the Turtleman show. Ernie and Neal are great!

  2. Too bad we could not see who was driving the truck. Call of the Wildman is a great show. Ernie and the crew seem very genuine.

  3. Dylan says:

    I drove by him today on my way back he to VA from WV. I couldn’t get a picture but it was intact him. He noticed that I realized it was him and he hollered at me and threw up his signature hand sign. It was amazing!

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